How to Create a Reality of Abundance in Hard Times

How to Create a Reality of Abundance in Hard Times

There’s a lot that we can learn from paying attention to our Facebook and Instagram feeds and how they function. The platforms are reflections of the collective conscious but also manifestations of what we focus on. 

Good or bad, our reality on social media is an immediate reflection of what we’re actively engaging with, what we post and what we follow. This is the same in our real lives, especially at a time like this. There are many perceptions of reality and we can choose the one we manifest. 

How do we control the impact that bad news will have on our feelings and the reality of our existence. How do we hold into our vibration, presence and consciousness through all the challenges? 

In this episode, I share a metaphor that I hope will help you better navigate these hard times, and focus on love, connection and gratitude. 

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We have the ability to input data and engage with things that can create a more abundant and beautiful collective consciousness and visualize the future we want to have. 
– Sara Yamtich 


We have as many perceptions of reality as there are people in the world.

We can create a new paradigm where money is just one form of abundance and not all that we need to focus on. 

Get your message out right now because people are searching for hope and how to get through these hard times.