How to Create An Energizing Marketing Strategy

How to Create An Energizing Marketing Strategy

There’s a lot of scepticism about Facebook and Instagram ads, and whether the platforms can really help us reach more people, make an impact and do our part to change the world. Why are Facebook and Instagram ads such a huge deal for reaching a wider audience? How can we really resonate with people in a meaningful way?

Welcome to Conscious Conversion, where we will share how you can leverage Facebook and Instagram in your personal mission to change the world.

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You can bring people into your realm and into your funnel and then beautifully offer information and value, using Facebook and Instagram ads. – Sara Yamtich

Three Takeaways

  • With a stimulant, we will eventually feel a crash because it quickly directs our energy from one source to another, impacting our long term ability to focus and execute.
  • The old guard approach, which everyone was following 3 years ago, is the marketing equivalent of a stimulant. It is a strategy that gives us a fast boost, but that boost doesn’t create lasting success. As a result, it’s a lot harder to stand out with some of those older models because we will burn out quickly.
  • Instead of trying to quickly fill up our funnels by any means necessary, we should focus on bringing people into our sphere and then connecting with them on a personal level. It will take time to stand out and build relationships, but in the end we will gain true resonance and connection.
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