How to Use Social Media to Dismantle An Oppressive System

How to Use Social Media to Dismantle An Oppressive System

As we continue to pulsate between the multitude of emotions that come with living in these times, there’s one conversation that keeps coming up. 

People are talking about whether it’s right to run Facebook ads and if we’re part of the problem when we give money to large tech companies. 

It can feel like using their tools is adding to the toxicity of corporate culture, but allow me to explore a different perspective.

When soulful creators and entrepreneurs leverage the tools of corporate overlords, it can be how we take our power back. We can dismantle their systems and overpower the lower vibration of greed with the higher vibration of love. 

How can we stop feeling guilty about marketing and advertising our businesses right now? Why are these marketing tools so critical to us creating a critical mass of higher vibration? In this episode, I share how to navigate the concern around promoting ourselves using corporate tools.

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Money is something we use in the energetic exchange with other creators and artists to keep
resources in flow.
– Sara Yamtich 


We’re all going through a constant cycle from optimism and positivity to feeling despair, grief and fear. This is a normal part of what the world is going through. 

Money is not evil if it’s used for the right reasons. It can simply be a tool that allows energy from us to flow to people who create and sell things that we value. 

In order to inspire the masses, we need to reach them where they are. This is how we can use social media and advertising tools to awaken more people and transform the world.

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