The Art of the Ad

The Art of the Ad

Creating good Facebook ads requires a thoughtful and deliberate approach to find what resonates most with your audience. What are the steps we can take to make sure our ads are meaningful and impactful? How do we bring together copy, graphics and different mediums on social media?

In this episode, we talk about how to develop resonant ads, and the art of formulating great ad campaigns.

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Every ad should be a piece of art. We want our clients to immediately respond to how beautiful and resonant they are for them and their audiences. – Sara Yamtich  


  • It’s important to test at least 3 different versions of copy, combining both some short form and other more long form copy. 

  • Have 3 different versions of graphics for each ad. There’s nothing wrong with stock photos if they are relevant and don’t look too generic.  

  • We generate 6 versions of every ad, playing with different headlines in order to determine which is most resonant with the audience and has the lowest conversion cost. 

  • Also remember that different content mediums will resonate with select audiences, so target them separately if cost allows.

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