I’ve got a secret for you. This whole online entrepreneurship culture we’re co-creating? It gives us the power to birth something totally new and beautiful. Where money is part of an energetic exchange, NOT a power dynamic.

It’s time for an ad strategy that resonates with you, your customers, and your amazing mission.

Audience Targeting & Strategy

We strategically build the warm and cold audiences that will LOVE your products and services, then we target them with badass campaigns.

Empathic Copywriting

Our brilliant team of copywriters create copy to reach directly into the hearts and minds of your target audiences.

Gorgeous Graphic Design

Our graphic designers create stunning graphics that grab your audience’s attention and draw them in.

Daily Optimizing & Promotion

Each day, we optimize to get the lowest possible conversion rate with your audiences.

And that's not all! Here's more we can help you with. 🙂

Messenger Bots

We set up ads that integrate with ManyChat to create automated Facebook messaging with your people.

Brand Voice Guidelines

Meet with one of our copywriters to nail down your super-aligned brand voice guide that will inform all your copywriting projects.

Promo Video Creation

We travel to you with our videographer to create a GORGEOUS promo video that we can then edit and use as an ad.

Funnel Strategy & Setup

We strategize, design, and build your entire funnel in ClickFunnels, including graphics, copywriting, and integration.

Ready to amplify your impact and consciously convert more customers?

To say Resonate with Sara is different from other ad agencies would be an understatement. We believe that when your marketing is in alignment with your greater mission, everything else — the money, the numbers, the clients or customers all fall into place. ​

Check out some of my badass clients and our work together below...

Jamie Glowacki is a revolution in toddler parenting.

Jamie Glowacki has been with me from the beginning, and working with her is a DREAM, since she literally wrote the book on potty training. And she’s freaking hilarious. Anyway, since our time together, we’ve completely up-leveled her branding, redesigned her website, updated all of her funnels with the new brand, and gotten consistent lead conversions well under $1 with consistent daily sales from her “tripwire” and retargeted ads to her full course.

 Brianna Firestone makes money management FUN at the School of Betty.

Brianna Firestone makes money management fun AF and was one of my first clients when I started this agency, so she’s been with me from the very beginning. Needless to say, I LOVE HER. Anyway, the ads we created to her lead magnet consistently convert around $1-$2/ lead. Her 90-Day No Shopping Challenge is life-changing, and we manage to get sales on that baby even to cold audiences that have never heard of her. (This is unheard of, y’all!)

John and Nadya Melton are network marketing powerhouses.

John and Nadya Melton are POWERHOUSES, so we’ve created a variety of ad campaigns for them. The ads we create for their lead magnets always convert like crazy, around $1-$2/ lead. When retargeting those leads with ads to their products, we’ve seen up to 800% return on ad spend! (And strategy calls with Nadya always feel like I’m having drinks with my best girlfriend. We have a freaking blast)

Ready to amplify your impact and consciously convert more customers?

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