How to Create a Soul-Aligned Business & Feel Good About Making Money w/Serena Curran

How to Create a Soul-Aligned Business & Feel Good About Making Money w/Serena Curran

Every soul has an energetic record and a manifestation operating system. For transformational healers, soulful entrepreneurs and changemakers, this information is the difference between a chaotic business and an operation that has flow, creativity and impact.

Akashic records empower us to address the deep-rooted issues that hold us back from having businesses we feel good about.

When we clear those issues, we build wealth with ease, and get to feel good about earning money for our gifts. When we tap into our souls, we find the flow that makes running our businesses, creating content and attracting clients easier.

What are some of the soul-level issues that show up in our businesses? How do we start to work through issues of guilt and worthiness around money? How does this allow us to have a bigger impact on the world?

In this episode, I’m joined by Soulful Business and Manifestation mentor, Akashic Record Detective and Founder of The Wisely Wealthy Spiritual Business School, Serena Curran. We discuss how to have a more aligned business by tapping into our Akashic records.

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The more you align with your soul design, the more flow your life and business will have– Serena Curran


  • The power of aligning our souls with our business ventures
    When we build businesses that are aligned with our souls, we tap into our highest power and purpose. This allows us to have authenticity, attract the right clients and produce wealth with ease. When we create businesses outside of our soul design, we end up with chaos, difficulty and scarcity.

  • How to balance consistency with freedom
    Consistency is a huge part of an effective marketing strategy. If we value spontaneity and freedom, consistency can be hard to achieve and execute on a daily basis. Here’s the good news, we can still achieve it without losing our freedom by delegating those tasks.

  • Why issues with money diminish our impact
    Spiritual thought leaders often struggle with being receptive of money and at peace with earning it for their gifts. When we feel guilty or undeserving of earning money for what we do, we’re actually disrespecting and discounting the gifts we were given, and the precious value of guiding people to their own awakening.

Guest Bio

Serena Curran is a Soulful Business and Manifestation mentor, healer, and teacher. She is a multi-talented Reinvention Expert, Adventurer, Traveler, Free Spirit, Soul Genie, Akashic Record Detective, and Medical Intuitive. 

With over 25 years of experience, she fulfills her mission of helping entrepreneurial women create freedom, money, and ease by designing and building Soul Aligned businesses that tap into their genius and express their spiritual gifts. 

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