The Energetic Revolution & The Power of Leaning Into Boredom w/Rhama Dashuri

The Energetic Revolution & The Power of Leaning Into Boredom w/Rhama Dashuri

The current global crisis has forced an energetic shift onto all of us, and we can either let fear take over or we can adopt an opportunity mindset. The perceived boredom, silence and slowed pace of our lives is allowing us to look inward, learn where we have limitations and where we need to strengthen our faith. 

How do we unlock the action energy of bringing our dreams and desires into our physical existence? How can we increase our vibration from hoping to believing and then to knowing? 

In this episode, I have an amazing conversation with soulful mindset and spiritual business coach, Rhama Dashuri. She shares what we can learn about spirituality in a time where life as we know it, has shifted significantly. 

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When we start to exercise our boredom, we realize how much we don’t allow ourselves to do nothing, and what a gift that is.
Rhama Dashuri

Three Takeaways

Business helps us do inner work 
Business and spirituality can be blended to where we can’t do one without the other. Putting ourselves out there through launches and ads allows us to learn about our limiting beliefs and to find the subconscious patterns that are holding us back. This in turn shows us where we need to have more faith to get the results we desire. 

Dreams vs. desires
There’s a difference between a dream and a desire. A dream is something that will always feel out of reach because it doesn’t feel grounded in reality. A desire is something that you truly want, and something that you can achieve. 

Why the boredom we’re experiencing is a gift 
This epidemic is the catalyst to where we actually want to be, but in order for us to make a transition into that renewed space, we need to lean into all the feelings we’re experiencing. There’s power in leaning into boredom. Often as soon as we get bored, we start feeling guilty so we try to do something to fill up time. Right now we need to embrace the slow down so that we learn from it. 

Guest Bio 

Rhama is a soulful mindset and spiritual business coach, master manifestor, self-love guru, and self-made entrepreneur. 

For more information on all the awesome work she does visit Follow @rhamadashuri on social media platforms.

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