How Rituals & Routines Help Us Channel Humanity’s Awakening w/Michael McGinnis Jr.

How Rituals & Routines Help Us Channel Humanity’s Awakening w/Michael McGinnis Jr.

Every human being has a channel, a direct line to the divine and a path to higher consciousness. It is where we tap into our highest purpose and the good of humanity.

For spiritual entrepreneurs, this channel is where our message, our content and our marketing flows from. We have to keep our channel clear for us to be of the highest service to humanity and the planet.

If we’re not intentional about our habits, we don’t just compromise the channel, we compromise the message Source is trying to work through us. We can’t afford to compromise our channel at a time humanity needs an urgent awakening.
How do we nurture the habits that enable our greatest work to come through and unfold in the way it was intended? How does a clear channel allow us to attract the resources and people that will help get the message out?

In this episode, I’m joined by author of The Essential Revolution series, Michael McGinnis Jr. He talks about his book, and why it was channeled in this moment in history.

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If we clear up our channel and the fog that affects the truth of who we are, the goal and our message will come through
– Michael McGinnis Jr.


  • The power of having a channeled message
    When we’re truly channeling our business and our message, everything works and flows from there. This channel is what drives our message to the right readers, followers and viewers, and into the right hands when it comes to support and marketing.

  • Why routines are so important for spiritual entrepreneurs
    We are a channel for the awakening and evolution of humanity. Certain behaviors and thinking patterns block that channel and compromise the message. We need to have healthy habits and routines to keep the channel clear and allow the message to come through in its most potent and intentional form.

  • Our true purpose in today’s world
    Challenging times serve as the springboard for humanity’s awakening. Our role and the purpose of the content we create is to prepare humanity for this leap. It’s to help people see the truth, address their doubts and clear their own channels so they can elevate.

Guest Bio

Michael McGinnis Jr is an entrepreneur and the author of the Essential Revolutions Series. He has dedicated his life to the awakening of humanity on a global level, through extensive self-study and first-hand experience Mike has been gifted to serve as a channel the world needs to hear at the most crucial moment in history.

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