Lee Harris on How to Be An Ambassador of Abundance

Lee Harris on How to Be An Ambassador of Abundance

Spiritual entrepreneurship is the beacon of light so many in the world need in these trying times. In order for our work to become a beacon, we have to stand behind our offerings and put them out there. How do we overcome limiting beliefs around earning money from what we’re offering? How do we stay consistent and authentic as we grow? Why is it so important for us to get our message out? 

On this episode, globally acclaimed energy intuitive and transformation guide, author, and mentor, Lee Harris shares on growing without diluting the impact of our offerings. 

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If you don’t stand behind your offerings and are willing to tell people about them, what you’re doing can’t grow. -Lee Harris

Three Takeaways

It’s possible to integrate spiritual leadership with earning money
Money is an energy exchange. We’re putting energy into what you have to offer and there’s nothing wrong with us earning from that. Money allows us to create the value we give out to people. Even when we create a free piece of content, time, effort and resources go into it. Money also enables us to pay our people well. If our cups aren’t full, we won’t be able to fill the cups of others. 

Consistency depends on systems
Lee’s marketing efforts are consistent because the organization makes sure there’s a throughline in everything they do, and they’ve built every wing of the business up and each element is performing at the highest level possible.

Vibration breeds authenticity  
Because spiritual leadership work is so energy driven, misalignment is something you can feel and it usually goes back to a lack of alignment in values. The vibration is incredibly sensitive, so paying attention to the energy is extremely important.

Guest Bio 

Lee is a globally acclaimed energy intuitive and transformation guide, author, coach/mentor, and musician. He offers grounded, practical teachings that help people lead soul-led lives with clarity, empowerment and optimism. Lee has built his company, Lee Harris Energy (LHE), into the multi-media, worldwide event company and production house it is today.

For more information on Lee, visit https://www.leeharrisenergy.com/, or check out his YouTube channel.

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