The Power of Embodiment in Authentic Marketing w/ Laura Wieck

The Power of Embodiment in Authentic Marketing w/ Laura Wieck

When wielded well, spiritual entrepreneurship and soulful thought leadership allow for us to channel messages, insights, and brilliance from Source, Divine, Whatever-You-Want-to-Call-it... and share it with the world. What an incredible opportunity!

And when we focus on impacting people, not just wanting to sell… our messages will expand.

How do we approach marketing as part of our spiritual work? How do we stay authentic, and encourage new visions within our business?

In this episode, massage therapist, master coach, and creator of BodyMind Coaching, Laura Wieck shares how she is running a business while changing lives.

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Marketing is a daily practice of embodiment. If you put out marketing to try and force someone into a specific action, it won’t work. But if you just share the message in your heart, that will resonate more with people. – Laura Wieck

Three Takeaways

The true meaning of self-care 
If we are fully embodying self-care, we are grounded in our wholeness, embodied in the moment and in full connection with everything and everyone. Self-care isn’t just a surface level thing. It’s about going inward, honoring the body and mind, and making us feel more connected to everyone and everything.

Intention of the message vs. the intention of a sale
If you put out information thinking you want people to buy, it will fall flat. If you focus on the message that’s trying to come through you, it will expand.

Success isn’t selfish 
Don’t feel guilty about success, we are only receiving. When you receive success, it doesn’t just end with us. It means other people will get to receive it too. Our success creates a platform for more people to be seen and share in that energy.

Guest Bio 

Laura Wieck is a massage therapist, master coach, and creator of the BodyMind therapy and certification program. 

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