How to Organically Grow a Captivating Brand w/Lais Scortegagna

How to Organically Grow a Captivating Brand w/Lais Scortegagna

When we’re building a brand that captivates and resonates, authenticity is non-negotiable. By integrating who we are at a soul level with what we do, we become magnetic to our audience and magnetic to our dream clients. This makes everything else effortless.

Running our business won’t feel like pushing a boulder up a hill or swimming against the current. It brings an ease and flow to every part of what we do. If we connect with people on a level that goes deeper than selling a product, this is where we’ll find our true fans and our tribe.

Why are mutual interests such a powerful part of growing our following organically? How can we delegate our messaging when our business is channeled? How do we stay in alignment with our customers and make sure our offerings resonate with them?

In this episode, I’m joined by aligned branding activator and visibility coach, Lais Scortegagna. She shares how to grow a fulfilling and authentic brand.

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Each of us carry a light and we’re just passing it along and lighting up the world together.
– Lais Scortegagna


  • How to grow without selling
    In order to resonate with people, it’s not enough to just sell our offerings. We can connect with people based on shared interests and grow our reach without having to promote our products. We can do this by creating authentic and real connections. When people connect with us, they get to see who we are and what we do, and they will want more of that.

  • Why channeling makes everything easier
    When our messaging comes from Source, we’re always going to be aligned with the collective consciousness and what people need. It allows us to connect with something higher than ourselves and we won’t need to figure out what to say or struggle to tap into the right energy.

  • How to delegate without losing the power of our messaging
    The difficulty that arises with having a channeled business is scaling or trying to reach more people. We can’t do it without delegating. The challenge is knowing who we can trust with our content and our message. The truth is, the same Source we channel for our message is the same Source that will bring the right people to us.

Guest Bio

Lais Scortegagna is an astrologer, aligned branding activator and visibility coach. She pairs astrology, aligned branding and radiance rituals to help you channel your most captivating essence into your brand and business.

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