Finding Our Divinity by Taking a Journey Inward w/Kim B. Miller

Finding Our Divinity by Taking a Journey Inward w/Kim B. Miller

Our world is in dire need of more motivation, leadership, and inspiration. We need more clear resounding voices ushering people into the light, and we’re not talking about the voices of celebrities. We too have gifts the world desperately needs. When we worship celebrities, it’s often to our own detriment because we start to look down on ourselves, dim our own light and make ourselves subservient to them.

There is so much beauty and divinity that the universe wants to bring forth through us. If we spend so much time putting other people on pedestals, we block our own power and ability to make that contribution. We may feel like there is much we are lacking, but we are walking miracles worth sharing with the world.

How do we tap into our greatness by looking inward? How can we turn creative work into valuable products and offerings? In this episode I’m joined by author, empowering motivational speaker, entrepreneur and spoken word poet, Kim B. Miller. Join us as Kim shares some of her amazing poetry and talks about how artists can keep creating in this new world

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Everyone has something they need to work on. Sometimes you have to start with the ugly
to get to the pretty because beauty starts somewhere
– Kim B. Miller


  • Why we learn the wrong lesson from famous people
    When we look up to celebrities, we tend to make ourselves feel inferior. We’re quick to beat up on ourselves when we hit a bump in the road, but we keep a different benchmark for famous people. Instead of only focusing on their successes and feeling inadequate, remember they have failures too. We can overcome our own failures the same way they did.

  • The truth about the creative process
    People are ever-evolving and constantly growing. We are both masterpieces and works in progress. Our work is no different. Just because we think something we created is complete, doesn’t mean we can’t go back and edit it. The word complete doesn’t mean a final completion, it just means our work is done for now.

  • How lightworkers and healers empower people
    We are governed by the inner voices, thoughts and feelings. In order to correct or improve them, it’s critical for us to silence the external distractions, turn inward and start working on ourselves. Motivational speakers are meant to help people look inward so they can do the work to heal themselves.

Guest Bio

Kim Miller is an author, empowering motivational speaker, entrepreneur and spoken word poet. She has been a featured speaker, poet and facilitator at events across the country, and she is the author of poetry books and the journal called Hope on Purpose: 26 Weeks of Clarity. She also works as an instructor at Poetry Behind Bars for Women Inmates in Maryland.

To learn more about Kim and her work, visit and follow @iamkimbmiller on Instagram