How to Authentically Channel Your Source w/Katharina Hillenberg

How to Authentically Channel Your Source w/Katharina Hillenberg

Running a spiritually-focused business requires responsibility. We have to share first, and to tap into Source without ego. How do we continue manifesting the message the Universe is channeling through us? What rituals and routines can we put in place to stay in alignment with the Universe?

In this episode, spiritual mindset and business coach, Katharina Hillenberg shares how she can stay connected to our own divine blueprint, and keep authenticity at the core of what we do.

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Ego can block you from being a clear channel for the Universe. – Katharina Hellberg

Three Takeaways

Material abundance can lead to unfulfillment
Many people feel empty and unfulfilled, even though they have it all. If all the trappings of success aren’t enough to fulfil them, they are then forced to go deeper and question what their true purpose is. Because of technology and all the available information, we have more power to go within and uncover our true purpose. 

Why journaling is a powerful way to connect with Source 
Go within by journaling first thing in the morning. It allows us to connect to the Universe and get to the most authentic message before our fear programming manifests.

The Universe supplies endless energy that we can channel to change the world 
When we decide to be a channel for the Universe, the wisdom we get from it is unlimited. Dedicating ourselves to spirituality means there’ll always be more to share because the Universe delivers everyday. 

Guest Bio 

Katharina Hillenberg (Magic Kathi) is a Spiritual mindset and business coach focused on evolutionary astrology to help you reconnect with your soul’s purpose.

For more information, visit, follow @magic_kathi_official on Instagram and listen to the Magic Kathi Show podcast.

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