The Unsustainable Nature of Our Unhealthy Work Culture w/Kate O’Donnell

The Unsustainable Nature of Our Unhealthy Work Culture w/Kate O’Donnell

Until the world was interrupted by this crisis and the subsequent lockdowns, humanity was in an unhealthy place. We were so focused on work and productivity that so many other important aspects of our health were crumbling.

Many of us have experienced negative feelings and circumstances as our schedules and lives have adjusted, but it’s not all bad news.

There’s fear and despair but there’s also hope, excitement and the opportunity of what we can create right now; the new culture and consciousness we can usher in.

What is the larger meaning behind the crisis, and what are the old ways that we desperately need to shift away from? Why are spiritual entrepreneurs so important right now? How do we keep ourselves in alignment in these challenging times?

In this episode, Ayurvedic Practitioner and Cookbook Author, Kate O’Donnell shares how the lockdown has shifted her life and business and what she’s learning from it

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The online space is somewhere people can be very influential right now, there are millions of people watching, listening, wanting to join voices.
Kate O’Donnell 

Three Takeaways

The hidden meaning behind the covid-19 crisis 
We lived in a culture where productivity and work goals were the most important thing, and focusing on that was driving all of our behavior and choices. The unsustainable nature of that work-dominant focus has now been shut down, and many of us have been pushed onto the path of breaking old habits and creating new healthier ones. 

Getting over the internal resistance to self-promotion 
Right now, more than ever before, there’s a huge surge in the people tuned into the online world. Our gifts are needed in order to help many of these people who would benefit from our teachings and messages. If you’ve created something that can really help people, it will remain hidden without promotion. Kate shares how she overcame her hesitation to run ads. 

How the virtual world can diminish our alignment 
We’re spending more time than ever in front of computer and phone screens, which creates an artificial and boxed-in mindscape. Too much of that will affect our sense of reality and connection with the world around us. We need to get away from the box and train the eyes on a different kind of vision.

Guest Bio 

Kate is an Author, Presenter and Ayurvedic Practitioner and Cookbook Author. She practices, teaches, and writes about healing systems for health and happiness. She is the author of The Everyday Ayurveda Guide to Self-Care, The Everyday Ayurveda Cookbook, as well as Everyday Ayurvedic Cooking for a Calm, Clear Mind and recently launched a series of on-line courses through The Ayurvedic Living Institute

Visit to learn more about Kate’s work, and buy her books. 
Instagram: @kateodonnell.ayurveda

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