How Purpose-driven Entrepreneurs Grow Sales and Profits w/JV Crum III

How Purpose-driven Entrepreneurs Grow Sales and Profits w/JV Crum III

A lot of conscious business owners struggle with the thought of charging for services, partly because we tend to see traditional capitalism as a toxic system. But by growing our profits, we actually do more than build successful businesses: we can make a greater impact on the world, for the right reasons.

How can we heal the ‘money-purpose wound’ and stop subconsciously choosing a life of poverty? Is it possible to build a successful business without feeding into the negative energy that surrounds capitalism?

In this episode, Founder and CEO of Conscious Millionaire Institute, LLC, JV Crum III shares how to become a purpose-driven entrepreneur.

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If you think it’s not conscious for you to charge for your gifts, you’re suffering from the ‘money-purpose wound’. JV Crum III

Three Takeaways

  • Don’t give out your gifts for free
    Far too often, conscious individuals believe our gifts should be freely shared – but that isn’t the case. Our gifts are given to us to be used for our livelihoods, so we shouldn’t feel guilty about that.
  • Aspire to a new stage of capitalism
    Many of us view capitalism as toxic – but we can change the way we think about money. By building bigger businesses, we have the opportunity to connect with more people and bring about the necessary changes. In stage 2 capitalism, everyone wins – so embrace it!

  • Execute
    A lot of us have spent years talking about the change we want to bring into the world, but haven’t implemented any of our ideas. Connect with people who not only hope for change, but actively execute their visions.

Guest Bio

JV Crum III is a self-made millionaire and host of the Conscious Millionaire Podcast. With over 1,800 episodes and heard in 190 countries, Conscious Millionaire has been named as one of the Top 13 Business Shows by Inc Magazine.

As a global transformational coaching and training company, Conscious Millionaire provides Accelerator Masterminds to help entrepreneurs accelerate in just 30 days.

JV is a #1 best-selling author, speaker and serial-entrepreneur who made his first million at the age of 25. He is a High-Performer Coach to entrepreneurs and business coaches who want to scale to their First Million or double their 7-Figure business.

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