How Authors and Thought Leaders Can Reach More People in the Age of Lockdown w/Jackie Lapin

How Authors and Thought Leaders Can Reach More People in the Age of Lockdown w/Jackie Lapin

Divinely inspired messengers and conscious workers of the world need an equally powerful method to spread their messages and impact. 

Now more than ever, we need a way to reach into people’s mobile devices to speak to them and deliver the light that will help them become more expansive, prosperous and fulfilled. 

Our guest is a divine messenger who has been opening more doors for conscious thought leaders by employing technology and digital tools. Considering where the world is right now, her work is incredibly relevant. 

How is she serving the conscious workers of this world? How does she stay in resonance with clients? In this episode, author, speaker and transformational connector, Jackie Lapin talks about shifting from sports writing to consciousness raising work and how she stays in alignment.


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We’re in service to the world, but the world also comes back to us and helps us grow and expand our own prosperity.
– Jackie Lapin

Three Takeaways

  • Why we should increase our digital public relations right now
    This is the best time to be doing online radio or podcasts, and even getting featured on them. People are consuming a lot more content than ever before and the numbers of audiences are expanding exponentially.
  • How to resonate with clients
    In order to resonate with what our conscious thought leader clients have to offer, it’s important for us to understand what drives them, and to care about what they care about.
  • What we can learn from what’s happening in the world right now
    While there are many bad things happening in the world, not everything is all doom and gloom. Because of lockdowns and quarantine, many people are getting to recenter themselves, spend quality time with loved ones and consume information that helps them grow.

Guest Bio 

Jackie is a Transformational Connector, Author, and Founder of Conscious Media Relations. Conscious Media Relations specializes in authors, films, companies and resources that serve the mind/body/spirit marketplace. We believe we have the nation’s most comprehensive media lists covering this sector. 

Jackie is also the Transformational Connector and Speaker at Speakertunity, a service that helps authors & speakers get access to the right venues and contacts to share their message with the world.

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