Why Resonant Brands Are Built Through Co-Creation w/Doug Vermeeren

Why Resonant Brands Are Built Through Co-Creation w/Doug Vermeeren

Every product we sell, every piece of content we create, and every expression of our brands should be a co-creation. We co-create not just with our teams and collaborators, but with the very people we make those products for.

One of the biggest reasons our creations fail to resonate or land is that they aren’t infused with the voice that truly matters; the voice of our customers and clients.

People who make joyful, expansive and resonant content don’t create selfishly. To grow as entrepreneurs we need to expand our being and our consciousness in order to avoid this trap.

What are some of the biggest fallacies about success and happiness that we’ve been taught to accept? How do we separate ourselves from things that diminish our potential?

In this episode, I’m joined by influencer, wealth coach, speaker, entrepreneur, and filmmaker, Doug Vermeeren. He shares powerful insights on creating an enlightened life.

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What provides the most happiness is putting yourself or other people in a state where
they have the ability to expand.
– Doug Vermeeren


The real reason people make a change in their lives
If you want to expand what we have, we have to expand what we are. When we coach or educate people effectively, we do it by sparking their ability to expand. That means rejecting anything that makes us contract or narrow ourselves. Any time that we show up small, with jealousy, hate, low self-worth, anger or fear, the Universe will start reflecting those negative things back to us.

Why taking big action is a fallacy
In order to get effective results, it’s not enough to take a lot of action, we have to take deliberate action. Productivity isn’t a matter of doing more, it’s a matter of doing the right things effectively, or doing less and producing the same results.

The fastest way to become wealthy
Many people tell us that getting out of our comfort zone is the key to success, wealth and fulfillment. It’s not about getting out of our comfort zone, it’s about getting into our brilliance zone, the magical zone where we are irreplaceable. Automate and delegate everything else. If you try and do it all you become a cog in the wheel and then a clog in that system.


Guest Bio 

Doug Vermeeren is an influencer, wealth expert, coach, speaker, entrepreneur, filmmaker, and has been called “The Modern Day Napoleon Hill.” He has the success strategies of top business leaders from Nike, Reebok, Fruit of the Loom, FedEx, KFC, United Airlines, Microsoft, Disney, and others to share with you. 

He has been called the world most effective wealth coach and the worlds #1 Passive income coach. He doesn’t teach or focus on theory – he gets results.

To learn about his latest film, ‘How Thoughts Become Things’ visit https://www.howthoughtsbecomethingsmovie.com/.

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