Why Healthy Attachment is Critical For Entrepreneurs w/Cassandra Solano

Why Healthy Attachment is Critical For Entrepreneurs w/Cassandra Solano

One of the greatest tragedies of our world is the collective lack of awareness around attachment style and how it affects our vibration and energy. It’s a seed planted in childhood, but its effects are far-reaching enough to permeate our decisions and our most important relationships.

Our attachment style doesn’t just affect our romantic relationships, it reveals itself in our businesses and even how we show up in the digital space and use social media.

We are worthy of relationships that are soulful, fulfilling and life-affirming, but that requires us to heal and shift away from the fight or flight mode of our primal brains. If we don’t heal from this it means that we’ll be pouring into every part of our lives from a contaminated well.

Where does our attachment style originate from and how does it manifest in the areas of our lives? What will it take for us to move into the 5D experience? In this episode, conscious relationship coach Cassandra Solano talks about radical vibration and the power of a healthy attachment style.

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Our attachment style manifests in our businesses, our relationship with money
and our relationship with social media and how we show up online.
Cassandra Solano

Three Takeaways

  • Why attachment should be a key area of our focus
    How we attach to our primary romantic partners, close friends and even our businesses is closely related to how we were raised and how we were parented. We’ll notice it in certain patterns of behavior and the relationships we attract. It’s critical to make the connection between our childhood wounds and the patterns that keep showing up.
  • The necessity of radical self-care in challenging times
    You’re the well that your family and your community comes to. If your water is contaminated because you’re burnt out, that’s what they will be feeding off of and energetically that’s going to ripple out to everything in our lives.
  • How authenticity helps us grow our reach organically
    Don’t be afraid to take a stand and share your values because it’s a key part of making our marketing messages and content contagious to the right people. When we are authentic online, sharing who we are and what we value, we attract people who resonate with us at a deeper level. It also means they are less likely to unfollow us when we share our views about the world.

Guest Bio 

Cassandra Solano is a conscious relationship coach, licensed social worker and spiritual enthusiast. She has been counseling for 15 years and specializes in helping people who are unhappy in their relationships find clarity & freedom to be themselves.

Cassandra offers transformational opportunities to heal past trauma, emotional abuse or neglect, unresolved childhood issues, and unlock deep levels of self love, connection, and belonging with others.

For more information, visit https://www.cassandrasolano.com/ and follow @cassandra_solano on Instagram.

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