How to Build A Heart-Led Marketing & Advertising Ecosystem w/Ashley Wray

How to Build A Heart-Led Marketing & Advertising Ecosystem w/Ashley Wray

Marketing a visual product with a focus on our heart and soul, while also helping people connect with themselves is a big achievement. Our guest has done it successfully by leading with openness, vulnerability, and intention. 

Why are ads important in this process? Why is gratitude something that should drive our business decision making? How do we get Google ads and Facebook ads to work harmoniously?

In this episode, I’m excited to be joined by Ashley Wray, the founder and CEO of the wildly successful Mala Collective. She shares how she stays consistent and authentic.

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There’s a beautiful cyclical and supportive effect between Facebook/ Instagram Ads and Google Adwords. The more Facebook and Instagram ads we do, the more the Google Adwords go up.
– Ashley Wray

Three Takeaways

Visual products play well with Facebook and Instagram Ads 
With products that are aesthetically beautiful, the more we emphasize the physical beauty of the product, the more it lends itself to Instagram and Facebook. This is something we can leverage to get people’s attention and connect with them. 

Paid ads are valuable in spreading positive messaging
Paid ads can bring in the people who otherwise couldn’t find our products and we never know whose life we’re going to touch by creating that top of funnel engagement opportunity. Ads allow us to reach out to more people and make our message more accessible.  

Take time to focus on big picture strategy
Blocking out time for strategy and leading the vision of the business is a key habit we need to nurture. It should be part of our routines and what we need to stay consistently empowered. Ashley focuses on her big picture strategy immediately after her daily gratitude journaling so that she’s in the best state of mind.

Guest Bio 

Ashley is the founder and CEO of Mala Collective.  

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