Facebook Ads: How To Dismantle Oppressive Systems With The Master’s Tools

Facebook Ads: How To Dismantle Oppressive Systems With The Master’s Tools

After the year we’ve had, we’re all living through the pulsation of optimism and despair, grief and fear. Within that pulsation, a deeper questioning exists.

Is it right to run Facebook Ads, or to market our businesses and talk about sales and marketing? Do we want to enrich huge corporations given what we know about them?

2020 was a pivotal moment for humanity, and we asked these questions at a much deeper level. I have personally grappled with the same questions for years, and I keep coming back to one thing I consider true.

If money and social media are the master’s tools, we can use those tools to dismantle their house and create a new paradigm. We can use social media to awaken a critical mass of higher vibration to spark a collective expansion.

As we step into 2021, there’s so much to feel optimistic about. More people will experience an awakening and raise their vibration, and our businesses will continue to expand to reach more souls. Instead of seeing social media as the enemy, we can use it to create the future we want.

In this episode, I share the power of Facebook Ads in the work we do.

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We can reach a critical mass using the master’s tools. Our mission is to continue to raise our frequency and inspire others to come with us. – Sara Yamtich


  • At a time with so much polarity and huge spiritual shifts, marketing can feel meaningless, but this is when it’s needed most.
  • Money isn’t evil. It’s an energetic exchange that keeps resources in flow and empowers the souls who are on the front lines of making our world a better place.

  • The power of social media is its ability to tap into a collective frequency and amplify a high vibration that will allow the world to shift.