Using the Turmoil of 2020 to Transmute Trauma & Create a More Aligned Reality w/Ambrosia Matthews

Using the Turmoil of 2020 to Transmute Trauma & Create a More Aligned Reality w/Ambrosia Matthews

The turmoil that has always been present in our world fully came to the surface this year and we can no longer deny what the Universe has been trying to tell us.

Everyone is going through a contrast, and there’s widespread fear and panic because so many don’t have the tools to process and transmute what’s happening. This is a call to purpose for lightworkers.

What we do is now more urgently necessary than ever before, and being in front of the people we want to help is critical.

Psychic, spiritual and intuitive work are very personal, and people need to feel like they are already connected to us before they decide to hire us. How does social media bridge this gap?

How do we make sure we’re authentic across multiple social media platforms? Who are the Arcturians and how do they help us? In this episode, I’m joined by psychic medium and channel, Ambrosia Matthews. We talk about how we can use the upheaval of 2020 to create the life we want.

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If you don’t like something about your life right now, this is the year that it’s in your face. This is the time to reevaluate.
– Ambrosia Matthews


  • The Arcturians and why they care about us
    There are different beings in the galaxy and the Universe that help us as human beings and help our planet ascend. Arcturians are beings that are invested in helping us, and because a lot of us have bits and pieces of the Arcturian DNA, they are a part of us.

  • Why 2020 is a key moment of transformation
    This has been a season of awakening for the whole world, but on a more personal level, the craziness has shed light on areas that need transformation and growth in our own lives. People have been given the opportunity to see what’s working, what’s not and what they need to be happy.

  • Why social media is critical for intuitive workers
    Psychic and intuitive work are very personal. We’re dealing with people at their most vulnerable and at the deepest level of their consciousness. People need to see us to feel like they know us, so video content is key. They need to see us at least 7 times before they want to work with us.

Guest Bio

Ambrosia Matthews is a psychic medium and a channel who has been able to see, hear and communicate with spirits since the age of 5. She has been working as a professional intuitive since 2018, offering psychic medium readings to help people heal, gain clarity, and connect with their loved ones in spirit.

Additionally, Ambrosia is a channel for a collection of Arcturian energy, referred to as The Arc9. This Arcturian energy came through several years ago in order to help humanity ascend and understand their human experience. Ambrosia shares her wisdom, intuitive insights and humor through a podcast called Innerbloom that she hosts with her best friend Alexa Houser.

Ambrosia and Alexa host transformational retreats together, combining their gifts of channeling, intuitive coaching, EFT, inner child work and more in order to create containers and communities for lightworkers to expand. Ambrosia also has a passion for educating other intuitives about how to properly utilize and control their gifts, and she offers classes as well as private coaching to create a safe and fun experience for her students and clients.

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