About Us

Digital marketing has the power to transform the world - what will you do with yours?

In a time when there’s so much chaos and uncertainty on our planet, entrepreneurship is a beacon of light.

YOUR business is exactly what the world craves right now, and people desperately need your support, expertise, and message.

This is NOT a time to hold back your magic!

Your mission deserves an aligned partner and a scalable paid marketing strategy that places your products in front of the people who need them… profitably, predictably, and consciously.

Welcome to Resonate with Sara

Where marketing meets meaning

Lovely to meet you! I'm Sara...

And I’m the Founder of Resonate with Sara, a marketing agency for big-hearted businesses & business owners who want to amplify their impact and leave the world better than they found it.

Whether you’re burnt out by DIY Facebook ads or your soul cries every time you pay marketing firms that just don’t get you, I know you’re soooo over an ad strategy that doesn’t align with your soul.

With a background in data and a heart full of woo, my team and I make marketing a damn-near spiritual experience. We help you reach, resonate with, and convert customers who would freaking LOVE you — if they only knew about you.

I’m not shy about wanting to change the world. I’m grounded in where we are, focused on what we could be, and tuned in to the big, badass energy that connects us all.

More Than a Team, We're a Family

I am ridiculously proud of our family of brilliant minds + marketing geniuses — collaborating to create the best ad strategy and creative out there. 

At Resonate with Sara, we aim to create a culture of joy, spaciousness, and creativity… with exquisite attention to detail and numbers. 

Our Ad Strategists build beautiful campaigns, set up whip-smart targeting, and keep a watchful eye on accounts throughout the day —  optimizing and adjusting based on hard data to make sure you get the best results. 

We have a Funnel Strategist who is a genius at all things strategy. She’ll analyze your data and dive in with surgical precision to increase conversions and scale-like you wouldn’t believe. 

Our Copywriting Team is the best word-smiths in the business. They expertly craft high-converting ads that are in total integrity with your voice and message. 

Our Graphic Designers are true artists and will create beautiful yet strategic images to pair with your ads.

Our Organic Content Marketing Partner can get your social feed on fire.

We even have a Customer Care Goddess to make sure you are held through every step of the process, and that everything runs buttery smooth. 

And all that extra care results in some super happy clients:

In the six months that I have worked with Sara, I have doubled my list size. Those are quality leads that buy my programs when I launch courses.

I have pretty great intuition about what will and won’t land with my audience, but now I have data as well as more thrust behind my sales cycles.

My first course launch working with Sara, I had my biggest launch ever.”

– Kimberly Johnson, Magamama

“Sara completely shifted my mindset around Facebook ads.

My clients are noticing what I’m up to, new clients are flowing in with ease…and in the last 8 weeks alone, I was able to nearly double my 2018 revenue.”

– Laura Wright, Epic at Sales

As a conversion copywriter I’ve worked with a lot of FB ad agencies and I can confidently say that Sara and her team are HANDS DOWN the best at what they do.

Sara’s attention to detail and the way she shows up wanting the very best for her clients comes through loud and clear in the amazing results she’s able to get again and again. I recommend Sara to all my clients and after having worked with her for my own program launch I’m even more in awe of what she’s capable of.”

– Chanti Zak, Grow with Quizzes

We combine 3 magical ingredients so your biz can consciously convert:

#1 – A perfectly aligned, holistic marketing and funnel strategy + creative!

#2 – Daily management and optimization of your ads to ensure the best possible results!

#3 – A creative team that embodies your message and resonates with your people!

And the best part...

Unlike many ads agencies who sign you up and then ghost you until the next invoice, we will be by your side every step of the way.

We believe the ONLY way to get masterful results is to live, breathe, and actively engage with our client’s brands.

High levels of quick communication, weekly data reports (that we’ll explain to you in plain English), monthly marketing projections, and full transparency — we wouldn’t work any other way.

Want to know what it feels like to amplify your impact and consciously convert more customers?