Lovely to meet you! I'm Sara.

And I’m the Founder of Resonate with Sara, a Facebook Ads agency for big-hearted businesses who want to amplify their impact and leave the world better than they found it.

Whether you’re burnt out by DIY Facebook ads or your soul cries every time you pay marketing firms that just don’t get you, I know you’re soooo over ad strategy that doesn’t align with your soul.

With a background in data and a heart full of woo, I make marketing a damn-near spiritual experience. I help you reach, resonate with, and convert the customers who would freaking LOVE you—if they only knew about you.

I’m all-in on being the high-priestess of your ad strategy, so you’re free to do your soul’s work.

Imagine being able to serve more clients without burning out. How about creating all that amazing new content you’ve been dreaming of? Or *finally* taking that transformative trip to clear your mind and reset your spirit?

Want to know what it feels like to amplify your impact and consciously convert more customers?

I’m not shy about wanting to change the world. I’m grounded in where we are, focused on what could be, and tuned in to the big, badass energy that connects us all.

No surprise, then, that I got my master’s in social work. I was working one-on-one with survivors of domestic and sexual violence. It was super meaningful work, but it was so hard to face these brave souls knowing that this was just a band-aid fix. Ultimately, the larger structure of society was perpetuating the violence. Ugh!

So, I figured the solution was going bigger. I got a job working at the US Centers for Disease Control in the Division of Violence Prevention. For five years, I made a huge positive impact, helping to create policy that was protecting women and children from violence.

… And while I was working to save the world, my soul was shriveling into a dried-up husk.

There was this huge disconnect between the change I was making and the daily reality I was living.

How could I really be evolving the world while I was stuffed into a spirit-crushing beige cubicle?

Shift Numero Uno

I jumped ship and went back to working one-on-one with people so I could get the connection my soul was craving. Fueled by my social work training and the knowledge I’d gained about how to make big-ass shifts, I started coaching creatives.  

The first thing I saw was that these freakishly amazing people with mad skills didn’t know how to get customers in the door! They had powerful messages that no one was hearing.

Always one for numbers, I asked myself what the equivalent of “policy study” was for entrepreneurs. Where were the numbers I could track that would show people the impact they were (or weren’t) having?

Duh. Facebook.

Shift Numero Dos

My data-hungry left brain started gobbling up Facebook ad strategy. I discovered that I had a knack for creating ads, targeting audiences, and making the small but constant shifts that sent reach and conversion through the roof.

I soon found myself working for a Facebook ads agency and rocking it. I helped entrepreneurs add thousands of high-quality leads to their lists and plan six-figure launches.

It was just what I’d been dreaming of.

So why did I get the same sinking feeling I’d had when I was stuffed into a fluorescent-lit cubicle at CDC???

My Big A-ha! Moment

While I loved what I was able to do for clients, I was still missing that connection. The focus at the agency was always on the bottom line.

We had these clients who were doing great work in the world, and we were treating them like they were just dollar signs… and not the incredible shift-makers they are.

UGH… again.

Here I took another leap of faith, this time to start my own ads agency, Resonate with Sara. My goal was to start a Facebook and Instagram ads agency that made marketing feel like a high-vibe energetic exchange—without sacrificing amazing results for my clients.

Woman on a mission

Now I use my mad data skills to amplify the reach of mission-driven entrepreneurs.

I combine spiritual smarts with analytical ass-kicking to amplify your impact so you can resonate with your audience on a crazy-big scale.

I only work with people I connect with. That means when my team and I put together ad strategy, it’s from the heart.

And I swear, the people who see those ads in their newsfeeds can feel it.

Your ads reach more people, resonate with them, and convert them into customers who are excited to hit that “pay” button because they’ve just found exactly the magic they’ve been looking for.

Now, instead of feeling drained, I feel light and happy. I have time and energy to play with my awesome kid, take the courses and trainings that light me up, and head off to Santa Fe or Peru for serious ceremony and soul work.

What would YOU do if you could stop spreading yourself so thin?

What would YOU do if you could stop spreading yourself so thin? What would YOU do if you could get back the time and energy you’re putting into trying to get leads? What would YOU do if your marketing strategy felt energizing instead of soul-draining?

Let’s find out!

The Dream Team

Hey, while you’re here, let me introduce you to my Resonate with Sara Dream Team.

These are the amazing peeps (in alphabetical order, because we don’t do hierarchy) who lend their mad skills and big hearts to your project so that you get kickass campaigns that take your business to the next level.  

Adisa Skrebo, Queen of the Facebook Algorithm

Adisa is a digital ads manager and strategist who has a massive amount of Influencer adverting experience. She’s a Facebook algorithm queen that believes numbers never lie and never stops testing. She’s launched out $100,000 campaigns in a matter of a couple of weeks. In her spare time, you can find her traveling with her family and friends. You can also find her on Instagram @adisaskrebo.

Jennifer Gregson, Lovely Assistant & Customer Care Goddess

Jennifer is our lovely assistant who does ALL THE THINGS.  Multi-passionate, woo-filled, and a crazy New Yorker she comes to us from a road of musical theatre turned corporate administrative assistant turned YA novelist so she’s readily able to handle all that we throw at her here at Resonate with Sara. When she’s not chilling in Dubsado dealing with invoices or checking up on Ads Manager she’s spending time with her adorable son and planning her next trip to one of the Disney Parks (secretly dreaming about being Snow White!).  You can find her at her website,

Lisa Travis, Social Sorceress

Lisa is our social media manager. She first got her start in the digital marketing realm right around the time Twitter became a thing. Lisa jumped into social media feet first and never looked back. Her years of experience give her a keen eye and she is known for her emoji skills. When anyone here at RwS needs something emoji’d, she’s the master we all turn too.  She’s handled social for large corporations, small companies, and entrepreneurs alike. When she’s not optimizing and launching new campaigns at RwS, you can find her laying on a hammock with her nose in a book or riding one of her three Harleys (depending on which one is running). You can find her at her website,

Lizzie Bourque, Kickass Converter & Sunshine by the Square Inch

Lizzie Bourque is a passionately curious creative and digital marketing genius. A midwest native, she moved to Denver in 2013 and immersed herself deep in the tech-startup and entrepreneurial community. She currently lives and creates in Denver, CO with her 3-legged black cat, Peeta. You can follow her on Instagram at @tinlizzieb.

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