Why Empathy is the Secret Ingredient to Success w/ Aaron McCormick

Why Empathy is the Secret Ingredient to Success w/ Aaron McCormick

One of the biggest obstacles to collective healing and consciousness is our world’s existing paradigm of idolatry while putting other people on pedestals. People are so focused on emulating celebrities and influencers that they miss the importance of connecting to their own Source.

People are suffering at their own hand. They are their own worst critics and subject to the boxes they confine themselves to. But if people can cause themselves to suffer, they also have the power to stop that suffering and start thriving.

As soulful entrepreneurs, we don’t have the power to change another infinitely powerful soul’s trajectory. What we can do is create the spark for that journey. If people get in touch with Source and lead with empathy, they tap into that unlimited power.

Why is empathy so important in a world that tells us to be inconsiderate and selfish? How can we overpower the paradigm of idolatry so people can see past the fame and find their own power and brilliance?

In this episode, I’m joined by author, entrepreneur, and inspirational speaker, Aaron McCormick. We discuss how we can help people vibrate at a higher level without looking outward for the answers.

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It’s a super power to actually be in touch with your empathy and it will actually make you a lot of money at the same time.
– Aaron McCormick


  • Why empathy should be a part of our ambition equation
    The prevailing attitude of what it takes to ‘be successful’ is that we have to step on someone in the process. Pop culture has taught us that to get somewhere, we have to be hyper-aggressive, selfish and inconsiderate. What actually makes us successful and fulfilled is leading with empathy and nurturing our fellow human beings.

  • Why focusing on money doesn’t get us what we want
    If we make money our primary focus, we either struggle to attract it, or we’ll get it and not feel fulfilled by it. Self-made, fulfilled people don’t focus on money, they focus on their craft and their mission, and the money follows.

  • Why we shouldn’t aim to save people
    Change happens when people become aware of their own power, sovereignty and unique purpose. As spiritual entrepreneurs, we have the power to inspire people and push them to connect with their Source. The change in trajectory happens for them internally, not through us telling them who and what to be.


Guest Bio 

Aaron McCormick is an author, entrepreneur, inspirational speaker and artist whose path to success and fulfillment defies societal norms and expectations in nearly every way.

With the combination of deep empathy, wisdom, and self-made success, Aaron ignites the innate ability we all have within to decode our own answers for maximum clarity and self-actualization.

Aaron has helped countless people of all backgrounds realize greater fulfillment and success in areas of career, personal power, love & relationships, sales, entrepreneurship and leadership. 

For more information, visit https://aaronmccormick.com/.

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