3 Critical Things You Need To Be Implementing For Your Ad Strategy To Flourish

3 Critical Things You Need To Be Implementing For Your Ad Strategy To Flourish

New coaches and course creators are emerging online daily, and people’s news feeds are perpetually saturated with offers and guidance. It’s getting so much harder for ads to grab attention, speak to the audience and convert.

Even with the best intentions, a lot of amazing content is doomed to go unnoticed or be completely ignored.

If we want our ads to cut through this saturated online marketing realm, there are 3 non-negotiable aspects we need to have in place. These three elements will set us apart from all the other coaches and course creators out there, and make people want more of what we have to offer.

How do we create content that simply can’t be ignored? How can we ensure that our products are resonating with our target audience? In this episode, I share the 3 things that need to be in place for our ads to be successful in the crowded online space.

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The content you’re sending out to cold audiences needs to be positively polarizing.
We need to be saying something that’s disruptive in a way that feels authentic to us
– Sara Yamtich


  • We need to be saying something different and disruptive. Whatever we create has to be both meaningful and positively polarizing if we want to stand out in a crowded news feed or timeline.

  • Most people need time to get to know, trust and resonate with us, so we need to have a consistent way to bring them into your world and nurture them over time.

  • Our content has to speak to different people and where they are on the conversion path. We need to appeal to the quick starts who will buy what we have to offer right away, and also to the people who take longer to decide.

  • Before you sell a product, make sure there’s a validated funnel behind it. It needs to be something that has gotten some interest organically first.