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Oh hi there, socially-conscious, mission-driven, energetically-woke entrepreneur.

Welcome to Resonate with Sara.

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Are you ready to massively grow your business in a way that feels in total alignment with your values, mission, and purpose on this planet?


You’ve just found your marketing family.

At Resonate with Sara, we’ve created a powerful container for six and seven-figure, soul-centered entrepreneurs who want to play this marketing game by different rules.

We believe that Marketing should be MEANINGFUL.

We know exponential growth, insane ROI, and low cost-per-lead are magical — and possible.
After all, we are masters at metrics

But we also know profits need to mingle with possibility, purpose, and peace of mind to make an impact on the world and your day-to-day.

You don’t just need a marketing strategy. You need a holistic marketing PARTNER who’s in energetic alignment with your values and purpose so you can reach the full potential of your impact.

Think of us as your partner in growth. 

A partner who cares about your growth just as much (if not more) than you!

Ready to see if we’re a fit?

We only take clients who we are confident we can get remarkable results.

Our Impact Amplification 3-Step Process

Our unique (and proven) approach will help you reach, resonate with, and consciously convert your customers — transforming those lovely leads into happy paying clients and customers.


They can’t fall in love with you if they don’t know who you are!

We help you expand your reach month-after-month and foster new audience relationships to amplify your impact and develop a robust and foundational following.


You and your audience are essentially flirting at this point!

Next, we build intimacy and authentic connection with your people, so that the “competition” melts away. THIS is the key step to building a business that not only grows but lasts.

Consciously Convert

Now you have a massive audience who’s eager (and excited) to seal the deal!

The audience members who resonate with you most will now be ready to buy – without the need for you to be pushy or overtly salesy.

With our unique marketing approach and uncompromising attention to detail – we can scale and optimize your campaign to continually increase your results!

Soul-Centered Strategy

We take “know, like, and trust” and “attraction marketing” to an entirely new level.

Audience Targeting & Strategy

We strategically build the audiences that will LOVE your products and services, then we nurture them with curated content and retarget them with your campaigns.

Empathic Copywriting

Our team of award-winning, industry-leading copywriters, create compelling (and highly converting) copy to reach directly into the hearts and minds of your target audiences.

Gorgeous Graphic Design & Video

Our powerhouse graphic designers craft stunning graphics and videos that vibe with your brand, grab your audience’s attention, and draw them into the message that they desperately need to hear.

Daily Optimizing & Promotion

With Facebook ads, there’s no set-it-and-forget-it. We continually optimize your campaigns to generate the highest level of conversions possible for the lowest cost per acquisition – while maintaining your authenticity in the feed.

Each ad campaign is a collaborative piece of art sent into the social world with love by our team. Your audiences will notice the level of quality and attention to detail, and your bank account will as well!

Ready to see if we’re a fit?

Hello! I’m Sara, the CEO of Resonate with Sara.

Resonate with Sara is a different kind of agency than any you’ve ever encountered before.

We are a holistically-minded vessel for business growth where marketing is meaningful, and big-hearted entrepreneurs can create an impact to match their income.

Our work isn’t just about marketing strategy (though we rock at that) it’s about helping you deeply resonate with your audience and creating a culture of joy and generosity.

In fact, Resonate with Sara makes marketing a damn-near spiritual experience for everyone involved!

Here, you’re more than a number or a cog in a marketing machine. You’re a human, a friend, a dreamer, a visionary, an activist, a change-maker — we bring your brand’s best characteristics into the limelight. We’re not about just tweaking numbers and copy — we strategize and strive to bring out the best in you.

When you’re ready to reach, resonate with, and consciously convert more of your ideal customers, Sara and her dream team of badass marketing strategists are here to help.

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